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Reading: Update on subclinical thyroid disease


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Clinical Updates

Update on subclinical thyroid disease


I Kavinga Gunawardane ,

National Hospital of Sri Lanka, LK
About I Kavinga
Senior Registrar in Endocrinology
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Noel Somasundaram

National Hospital of Sri Lanka, LK
About Noel
Consultant Endocrinologist
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Subclinical thyroid disease is commonly encountered now as more patients with vague, non-specific symptoms are being evaluated with ultra-sensitive, third generation TSH assays. The clinical significance of mild thyroid over-activity and under-activity is uncertain, which has led to controversy over the appropriateness of diagnostic testing and possible treatment. In this article, we discuss the definition, differential diagnoses, risks of progression, potential health outcomes and management of subclinical thyroid dysfunction.


Sri Lanka Journal of Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism 2013; 3: 84-87

Keywords: Thyroid disease
How to Cite: Gunawardane, I.K. and Somasundaram, N., 2014. Update on subclinical thyroid disease. Sri Lanka Journal of Diabetes Endocrinology and Metabolism, 3(2), pp.84–87. DOI:
Published on 19 Jan 2014.
Peer Reviewed


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