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Reading: Drug induced hyperprolactinemia


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Clinical Updates

Drug induced hyperprolactinemia


M. H. Wattegama ,

Diabetes and Endocrine unit, LK
About M. H.
North Colombo Teaching Hospital, Ragama
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S. Siyambalapitiya

Diabetes and Endocrine unit, LK
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North Colombo Teaching Hospital, Ragama
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Hyperprolactinemia is one of commonest endocrine abnormalities. It can occur due to various reasons and drugs are one of the commonest reasons. Identifying drugs as the potential cause of elevated prolactin and differentiate it from other possible causes are important in clinical practice. It is important to understand the different classes of drugs that could influence the prolactin release and the potency and the pattern of prolactin elevation with each drug class, to formulate a plan of management for these patients. In the update, we have discussed the types of drugs, their relative potencies of causing hyperprolactinaemia and the steps of management of this clinical entity.
How to Cite: Wattegama, M.H. and Siyambalapitiya, S., 2017. Drug induced hyperprolactinemia. Sri Lanka Journal of Diabetes Endocrinology and Metabolism, 7(2), pp.26–32. DOI:
Published on 27 Oct 2017.
Peer Reviewed


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